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Fifa Career – Why imagining your managerial progression is far better than waiting

downloadRight, what am I talking about!? Well, I regularly play Fifa, I only ever play career mode except for the odd occasion I play my brother and whoop his ass with Leicester. Ultimate team got boring and I realised I spent too much money on it, its the same reason I stopped playing The Simpsons Tapped Out on my phone. #justnotworthit

I love Career Mode, it puts me in the mind of a manager and over the course of this year and since Fifa 16 release I have been playing through a number of different teams, wanting to progress further and further, only I don’t. I started off at Chelsea, you know, my favourite club, they brought up from reserve team (at least in my head) and made me the replacement for Mourinho. After 5 years and numerous trophies including back to back Champions Leagues, I felt it was time to move on, as you do as a top class manager haha.

However whenever I looked at available jobs there was only ever jobs that would be considered a step down, such as Hoffenheim, Everton, Marseille. Now I don’t mind a challenge but I would have thought that I would get offers from numerous top clubs about vacant manager positions. I mean thought this game was realistic, but there is no manager merry go round and that’s a shame.

So what do i do to solve this issue, when I want to move on I start a new career mode and play with a different team. I went from Chelsea to Dortmund to AC Milan to Real Madrid, after a few seasons at Madrid I will try and move to a lower team (probably Watford) and try and do a Leicester.  But I shouldn’t have to start over to do that, I should be offered club jobs, but it never happens, I only ever get offered every single National team job every other week…which is nice. I mean I will probably end my Fifa 16 career mode as manager of England and no one else, I mean that’s the way to do it, am I right?

If you want one thing to pretend to do in a video game then that is for England to beat Iceland because it clearly can’t be done in real life–OMG that was heartbreaking.

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