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Soul Caliber 2 – An underrated beauty

I just want to start this blog by saying that I am not a massive player of fighting games. The only ones I have ever owned include:

  • Street Fighter 2 (Mega Drive & Wii)jfghfc
  • Street Fighter 4 (PS3)
  • Soul Caliber 2 (Gamecube)

Now everyone knows that Street Fighter 2 is and always will be the best fighting game ever made and I am not disputing that at all. However one fighting game I think that was in the shadow of the more popular franchises like Street Fighter and Tekken was Soul Caliber 2 and this game was probably the fighting game I have spent the most time on in my entire life. Released on the PS2, Gamecube and Xbox I didn’t realise what a good game it was until I was about 1 week into playing it. And truth be told the only reason I bought it was due to my passion for Legend of Zelda and Link who was the bonus character for the Gamecube version.




After a long and arduous journey I (Red) have made it through all 8 gyms, battled team rocket, defeated the Elite Four and collected all 151 Pokemon including Mewtwo and the elusive Mew. This is something that I have tried to achieve for many years as a child and I am so happy that I can now say I have done it!

So where do I go from here you ask? Well, I still have plenty of games I have yet to complete, for example after Brotherhood I stopped playing the Assassins Creed series despite having Revelations and AC3. The story needs continuing and I need to know what happens to Ezio and Altair.

Not to mention I’ve always got MGS5 TPP to play and I have barely scratched the surface with that one and also I never got round to buying Resident Evil Revelations 2.
So much to do and not enough time in the world…I have definitely got my retirement plan in place!

Trying to finally catch em all – Pokemon Red


Not too long ago I got a hold of my old Pokemon gameboy from my brother, which brought back some great memories. Hours and hours I spent on my little Game Boy original, pocket and colour, battling pokemon and surfing on a Rhydon. But i remembered something startling…I NEVER CAUGHT THEM ALL 😦

Retro is the way forward

So, I just got my N64 back from the parents, after years of it being left in a loft (I know, I was crying for it too). But now I have it and to go with it all the fantastic memories of some of the best games I ever played. Pokemon Stadium, from battling the gym leaders to playing Red and Blue on my big (maybe not so big now) TV using the cartridge pack. Going round my mate’s house and constantly trying to grab the golden gun before he did on GoldenEye, one of the best FPS games of all time. Then there was the first time I ever played The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time and brother and I stormed through it together. We were on the edge of our seats the entire time, it was that good!


There is also something to be said about the simplicity of retro games that make them so good to play and this got me thinking…

As I prepare my excitement for streaming on Twitch as of next week (fingers crossed the Elgato gets here quick!) I am trying to decide what games to play when. I am the type of person that plays games chronologically and so I thought I would go through the Metal Gear Solid series over the summer, ready for the Phantom Pain when that arrives in September. Then I got hooked back into Pokemon, watching Youtube videos of Pokemon theories (thank you Protomario, your channel rocks!) so I just really want to go back to playing Red and Blue again. Then there is the Resident Evil series which is close to my heart (SO MANY CHOICES) and I know that will take some time to go through as well.

In any case whatever I decide to go with, I’ve realised that they all have some relative in common, that they are simple, easy games to get into, but also a kickass storyline that absorbs the gamer and takes them away from anything else in the world (including the girlfriend hehe). No matter what age you are, the first games you play and the heroes within them will always have a special place in your heart, for me that is:

Link, Jill Valentine, Sonic and Solid Snake

Game on gamers and never forget the protagonists that made gaming a way of life for you…


Reliving the Past through an Ocarina of Time

I have made the bold decision to remove my PS3 from my room AHHHHHHHH, crazy I know, but I have a good substitute ready to step up to the plate, my Wii. I thought that I would have a look at the games I had downloaded onto it and forgot that I only had Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask!


So I just started freaking out and continued a game I had previously left, starting in the Fire Temple, which was a good place to start (the start tends to bore me). Now there aren’t many games that bring back memories and give you goosebumps when lifting the Master Sword from the Pedestal of Time. My inner geek is really coming out and I am now fearing I am regressing which is a bit of a concern for my sex life, but we’ll see how it goes…

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