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The Licker Myth Solved

There’s one thing at my childhood I will never forget, it was when my cousin came over and brought a PS1 game to play with my older brothers. Obviously my gaming curiosity peaked and had to check it out, I happened to walk in and watch from the very moment Leon’s head arches up and see’s THAT LICKER staring back down at him…my eyes widened and I was introduced to Resident Evil.

From playing it I always couldn’t quite figure something out, I know what zombies were and how they worked and that humans turn into them, but what about Lickers. What was a Licker pre T-virus?

I just had to find out…and the results were…interesting…


Origins -Resident Evil revisited


I recently purchased the Resident Evil origins collection for PS4, which includes Resident Evil Zero and the Resident Evil 1 remake on Gamecube, both remastered and with some additional outfits to mix up the gameplay. Now I already own both of these games on the Gamecube (along with the rest of the Resident Evil games in that generation), so why buy it again you may ask? Well one of the reasons is that because its on PS4, it makes recording the recording far easier, rather than hooking up my Wii to an Elgato and all that, I can just record direct and upload after a bit of video editing. In any case, I also purchased this as serious preparation for the release of the Resident Evil 2 remake.


Well done survival horror fans! – Resident Evil 2 Remake CONFIRMED


At last! Our prayers have been answered, Capcom have confirmed that there will be a Resident Evil 2 remake. This is the best news to come from the gaming world in a long time. Whether it is just a HD remake or they tweak the Police station layout or other things, it is going to be good. As long as they take feedback from the fans which they should, it will be something special and I will be first in line to buy it. For this in particular I want to thank the guys on the ‘Remake Resident Evil 2’ Facebook community page, who played a massive part in petitioning for a remake as well as just talking about how amazing it would be to remake Resident Evil 2.

If you don’t like the page already here is the link, they rule! –¬†Remake Resident Evil 2

Retro is the way forward

So, I just got my N64 back from the parents, after years of it being left in a loft (I know, I was crying for it too). But now I have it and to go with it all the fantastic memories of some of the best games I ever played. Pokemon Stadium, from battling the gym leaders to playing Red and Blue on my big (maybe not so big now) TV using the cartridge pack. Going round my mate’s house and constantly trying to grab the golden gun before he did on GoldenEye, one of the best FPS games of all time. Then there was the first time I ever played The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time and brother and I stormed through it together. We were on the edge of our seats the entire time, it was that good!


There is also something to be said about the simplicity of retro games that make them so good to play and this got me thinking…

As I prepare my excitement for streaming on Twitch as of next week (fingers crossed the Elgato gets here quick!) I am trying to decide what games to play when. I am the type of person that plays games chronologically and so I thought I would go through the Metal Gear Solid series over the summer, ready for the Phantom Pain when that arrives in September. Then I got hooked back into Pokemon, watching Youtube videos of Pokemon theories (thank you Protomario, your channel rocks!) so I just really want to go back to playing Red and Blue again. Then there is the Resident Evil series which is close to my heart (SO MANY CHOICES) and I know that will take some time to go through as well.

In any case whatever I decide to go with, I’ve realised that they all have some relative in common, that they are simple, easy games to get into, but also a kickass storyline that absorbs the gamer and takes them away from anything else in the world (including the girlfriend hehe). No matter what age you are, the first games you play and the heroes within them will always have a special place in your heart, for me that is:

Link, Jill Valentine, Sonic and Solid Snake

Game on gamers and never forget the protagonists that made gaming a way of life for you…


Resident Evil 4 Run [Village]

Never get tired of playing RE4, just started another round, trying to power up the Handcannon and save up for the Chicago Typewriter (which i originally thought was a different type of typewriter). Just got through ‘The Big Cheese’, a good boss with a bit of a difference, im just surprised he doesn’t choke Leon to death earlier in the game haha. Oh well…HIS LOSS!

Bloody Ashley becomes a pain in the arse even if the guys at Capcom have made her easy on the eyes (especially with the alternate ‘Pop’ outfit. A little bit of my incendiary grenade hit her whilst entering the main room of the castle and all of sudden, death…
What the hell!? Put it under the tap and get on with it woman, make Leon’s life easier.

Another thing I noticed was the amount of Handcannon ammo I get over other ammo, is making me wanna waste its ammo on purpose…sometimes on Ashley and a lot of the time on the Shopkeeper. Don’t say you guys haven’t done it before!


My Resident Evil History


This is my first proper post as an avid Resident Evil fan. From watching my cousin play Resident Evil 2 and seeing the ‘Will Smith’ cop turn into a zombie was one of the coolest and scariest moments of my life, to buying my first Resident Evil (Gamecube Remake) and slowly walking around this scary mansion. I have almost all the S.D Perry novels and have enjoyed reading through them and visualising what I’ve seen in the games.

Without a doubt my favourite Resident Evil is the remake of Resident Evil 1, the mansion is still the scariest place to be and epitomises survival horror. You explore and discover Zombies, run into Hunters and other creatures infected by this strange virus and then there’s the extra conspiracy behind it with Wesker and Umbrella, it was truely a brilliant piece of story writing.

It’s a shame the excellent story writing has not survived through the latter chapters in the Resident Evil series. Resident Evil 4 got excellent reviews and survived based on how well the gameplay and story was, personally I think the story could have been better as there were not many links to Umbrella (who are the original villans). Then comes Resident Evil 5 and despite my recent enjoyment having re-played they decide to kill off the best antagonist in the game in Albert Wesker. That alone set them the mammoth task of creating another new villain to replace him which unfortunately leads me onto my view of ¬†Resident Evil 6 which is near enough similar to the majority of RE fans. In terms of the gameplay and fighting, i did enjoy a lot of it (in particular Jake’s campaign), the running and close quarters combat was excellent, but it was let down (once again) by the story. In a nutshell you could argue that the story was basically about a loved up national security advisor with¬†an infatuation of¬†Ada.

That may be a bit harsh however the story really should have focussed more on the widespread effects of the new viruses that have spread across the world. I would have liked it if they had brought back some of the older characters together in a S.T.A.R.S reunion almost to take on different facilities with antagonists who have links with Umbrella. But perhaps, as people have mentioned before the series needs a whole reshuffling, almost like what Devil May Cry did with Dante.

I hope Capcom take on board feedback from their fans about the series and perhaps look to take it back to survival horror, whilst still retaining some of the new gameplay.

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