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An Aspie Life [Indie Review]

A beautifully made game that puts you in the shoes of someone with Aspergers syndrome to help change the public perception of autism and enlighten people’s understanding through the medium of a video game. And what a great game it is to play!


Quadratic Attack 3-D [Indie Review]


A great 3-D RPG with a diverse attack range and complimentary 8-Bit score. Quadratic Attack 3-D is the tale of a quadratics who were created by humans, who eventually rebelled under the guise of the evil Dr. Blockey and it is up to you, a new Quadratic with a mimic gun to defeat them.


Error Cave Detected [Indie Review]

A simple jumping platformer with a lot of potential.

Error Cave Detected is a platforming adventure where you play as what seems like an explorer (with a fedora), jumping on mushrooms and rocks to reach the end of caves. It has cute retro style pixel art which suits the game well, albeit no audio as of yet.

As it stands there’s a total of 9 different caves to platform, where you dodge anything from falling rocks (boxes?) to aliens shooting at you. The most fun to be had from the game I found was on the last level where you come across a minecart! Trying over and over to perfectly jump across each set of broken tracks is certainly a challenge, but very fun indeed. The physics themselves for jumping is fairly easy to get to grips with, you just need a running start between the first platform and judge how long you hold the spacebar for and you generally get to the platform you were aiming for with ease, at least after the first few times.

I look forward to seeing how this game progresses and am intrigued to see a story developing with the lead character and the aliens in the caves. Also the introduction of a soundtrack and more levels to come make it an intriguing  game, so go over to Gamejolt and give it a go and support the developer! 🙂

404: Past not Found [Indie Review]

An intriguing adventure for a robot!

404: Past Not Found is a sci-fi grid-based action RPG whereby you play as a robot who has lost all his internal memories and must battle through turrets and other mechanical beasts to find out why the mysterious ‘Master’ took your memories. The game is built with retro style graphics and is well suited to the game and characters you interact with.

The gameplay itself is grid based so when attacking with a variety of weapons, it is a case of moving either up or down to dodge or attack the enemies in front of you and is very enjoyable to play. The weapons have different attributes which makes for varied gameplay which is also a lot of fun to play with, as the game is still in early access I look forward to future weapons for the game.

Once again what I enjoy about the games from Happy Frog Games, is comical conversations with characters and even notes on the floor (play the game to get that reference). As well as that the soundtrack for the game is great with 8 bit audio throughout which really fits the graphics and the robot world setting. Once again seeing the game almost glitch on purpose is fun and clever and mixes the story up well.

I look forward to seeing what more this game has to offer when its fully finished, so check it out and support the developer:

This is Mike [Indie Review]

The most simplest of platformers but one that holds a strong message about being a good person. This game is the story of a little orange block named Mike who has no friends and is picked on for being different. I don’t think its wrong to assume many of us have felt like Mike once in our lives, I know I have and that’s why this is such a lovely game. You relate to Mike in a great way, he is an orange block, not human but that doesn’t matter. Throughout the platforming levels you learn more and more about who Mike is and the big red and blue blocks that pick on him. And whether in school or in your adult life you may have encountered a similar feelings to that of Mike.

The gameplay itself is the most simplistic platforming you will play but that’s kind of the point in this story driven indie game. Its not meant to be competitive or exhilarating, its meant to make you want to see if Mike has a happy ending. Albeit the game itself has a small number of levels and can be completed in around 10-15 minutes, its purity and message and the take away from the game is far more important than any of the other aspects of the game. Although it would be wrong not to mention the lovely piano playing that accompanied the simple shapely artwork which setup the game nicely.

This is Mike is a lovely game with a take away message about bullying and loneliness and I encourage everyone to spend just 5 or 10 minutes playing this and trust me you won’t regret it. There are many games out there indie or AAA that don’t evoke emotions or a strong message, anything like this does so, well done David Morris and I look forward to your future games!

Play it here and support the developer:

Lantern of Worlds [Indie Review]

A game with a rich history and a strong narrative, gets you lost in the Lantern of Worlds. A turn-based RPG game with some fantastic art work and a great soundtrack to go with it, you are to compete in a fighting tournament to become the Royal Adventurer of Idunia.


Aliens Clash [Indie Review]


More clever game mechanics put you to the test in this indie retro style shooter. Play as one of two alien races each with different gameplay features.


Rainbow [Indie Review]

Clever. Very Clever.

This was much of my thought process throughout my play through of Rainbow. An indie retro style shooter developed by Dark Bloodbane where the rules are simple: shoot the correct colour to destroy the same coloured shape blocking your way.

It seems simple enough, but it is far from easy, certainly it is a game that requires  hours of practise to master. You will find yourself frustrated (mostly with yourself) after the initial start which eases you in nicely to the game, then as you are introduced to changing colour bosses and moving hexagons, every shot will count.

Where I got the most frustrated was the second boss who dropped blocks for you to shoot through, once you do that though you have possibly half a second to damage the boss before they drop more shapes, upon which you will likely shoot the wrong colour at the block, blocking your path and losing a life. Meaning I had to phase through blocks with the few seconds of grace you get when you respawn. That is one aspect I would look at, (give us a bit longer to hit the boss please!) or maybe it is just a patience game and I needed further practise.

In any case, it is a frustratingly fun game that you could spend hours on, to get past the bosses and would recommend anyone to try it out if they like a challenge. Check it out and more of his games on Gamejolt:

How to beat Sans in Undertale

There’s no secret way of getting past the toughest boss in Undertale (genocide run), all I can show you is how I did it. All I will say is that you learn from defeat, learn his moves, learn when to dodge, learn when to move, learn when to hit and most importantly…be patient because one way or another….YOUR GONNA HAVE A BAD TIME!

Pokemon Go Top Tip – How to level up fast!

Tired of spending all your time at a Pokestop gaining 50xp for every 5 minute spin? Well this is a top tip to get your further up the Pokemon Trainer level. What I have found out to6v4Pyzp be the most effective and speedy way of leveling up is that if you have plenty of Rattata and Pidgey candies (I imagine most of you do) and your not using them, then I suggest you start using them. If you evolve any Pokemon you get 500xp for it, regardless of what it is (as far as I am aware) and if you catch a Rattata or a Pidgey, no matter the level, just evolve it. Use up the candy and if need be transfer your Pidgeots and Raticates. Great right? BUT…there is a an added incentive to time your candy amounts and this is why, what you will also have when you do level up is a Lucky Egg. Lucky eggs double your XP for 30 minutes, so if you have loads of Rattata candy and loads of Rattata’s on you, activate the lucky egg and you will get 1000xp for each evolution you do during the active period of time.

It’s a neat little trick and as there are rats and pidgeons literally everywhere in our Pokemon world, use them to the best of your ability to level up fast!

Your welcome and follow my blog for more tips I figure out!

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