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Fallout 4 – Side Quests


Side Quests, a term I had not really heard of until the PS3 came out and I bought my first
Assassin’s Creed game. Gaming has changed so much, in particular with open world games Like Fallout, that the main campaign according to developers is not enough content within it to get the full experience of these games…enter side quests. Side quests are missions, or tasks you complete that have no irrevocable effect on the main story and can be completely unrelated to the focus of the game. However what they generally offer (at least in Fallout 4) is experience, new weapons, armor or items, even a mild story-esque mission of its own to improve the overall experience of your gameplay.


A Template to Manage your Settlements – Fallout 4

16_The_Wasteland_Survival_Guide_400x400If you are finding it difficult to keep track of things I find it easier to write things down as I know what I am getting from all my different settlements. I created this on a whim when I had some spare time as I have the memory of a goldfish and found it so difficult keeping up with all of my settlements, let alone trying to save them when they’ve been under attack. Could you imagine actually being the lone wanderer, trying to manage these settlements..THINK OF THE ADMIN…papers, papers everywhere!

This is an old version from my first playthrough, its on an excel spreadsheet and from it I used to work out things like, where the majority of my caps were coming from, what settlements could create vegetable starch for adhesive and things like that. As well as what companions are where, although having to update that is a bit of a pain. Admittedly Mods have sorted a lot of those issues, but for fellow PS4 players this may at least come in handy, it certainly was for me. Take a look and thank me later 🙂

Settlement List


Fallout 4 – Settlement Building

I was a tad sceptical when my brother told me how good Fallout 4 is. He’d played the games before it and knew the lore and story of Fallout 3 and New Vegas and I hadn’t, so when I bought it I did have my reservations. After the story hit my emotions, it was the settlement building that completely overtook me…and all the free time I had. The simple system that enabled players to create their own settlements in the visions they want is amazing, and the ideas are endless.

I11701106_10153566997468517_5370131320997937308_n like to think of myself as an immersive player and I like to play games as how I think they would actually happen (except for fast travelling 🙂 and my settlements do reflect that. I will spend at least 20 to 30 hours making (what I call) a complete settlement, which includes using rug glitches to make the fences go together better, dressing up the settlers in outfits that reflect their assigned job role and junk everywhere…just everywhere to make things looked lived in. THAT TAKES FUCKING AGES!

But when the finished article is complete there is that great sense of satisfaction, that the lone wanderer can sit down in his refurbished room and relax with his crew. I cannot wait for mods to come to PS4 so there can be item expansions for settlement building, as the last one I made (in Far Harbour) was pretty poor in comparison to my Sanctuary.

You could spend all your time on Fallout settlement building and still never finish the campaign as you can do so much just in one settlement. If your not a settlement builder type player, please give it a go for a few hours, you may just fall in love with it, as I and so many other Fallout 4 players have.

Fallout 4 Review – The Story {SPOILERS}

From growing up with games like Metal Gear Solid, The Legend of Zelda to more recent titles such as The Last of Us and Assassins Creed, I have experienced some of the most insightful and complex storylines ever thought up. From convoluted editing of real history to off the wall fantasy worlds, I have on more than one occasion been lost in games and locations like Hyrule and post apocalyptic America. So it saddens me to say that the more and more new games that come out, seem to have lost a serious focus on the story line of a game. For me its the whole reason you play a game (or at least an RPG), to step into the shoes of a hero and have that one main mission to complete. With the introduction of so many open world games, this has also hindered the focus on storylines, with the attention shifting to shoving as many side quests into a game as possible, much to most OCD players annoyance (such as myself).



However I am happy to say that Bethesda did not drop the storyline ball with Fallout 4, as I once again got lost in my characters emotions and could not wait for the moment I found my son again…


Fallout 4 – Review Series


Hello again! As you may or may not have noticed I haven’t reviewed or blogged in awhile, however this has been mostly due to the fact that I have been tied up playing a game (the irony I know) that is so addictive, never ending, fantastic and potentially relationship ending. Of course I am talking about Fallout 4.


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