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A creative look into the psyche of a killer pushed to her limits.

Crimson Light is a psychological thriller about two orphan sisters who are outcasts in their new town. Everything turns on its head when a mysterious man appears and the townspeople all turn up dead.

This RPG doesn’t have too much diverse gameplay, you are walking around as as the protagonist Unelma, the game is stealth and survival based with no combat as you navigate a town and forest. Whilst there is no combat, this does not make a bad game at all as the strength of this game is in its intricate story and how it tells it. Not to give anything away but there are twists that really keep you engrossed in the game and you want to find out.

What did confuse me a little however were the use of items that you find throughout the game as there were no descriptions of how to use the items. This came to a head for me as I wasted mine early in the game and when I finally worked out how to use them I had to replay the whole game through, keeping my items to get through a narrow road where you couldn’t avoid enemies.

I also found the part where you’re invisible and have to move your character basically through the whole area of the game from where you started. That was particularly frustrating and I thought rather unnecessary as you couldn’t die either. I gathered it was symbolic of what was happening to the character but it didn’t seem like something that you needed to do and it was not clear that what you were suppose to do either.

Other than that I really enjoyed this game and going through Unelma’s story and her relationship with her sister. The mysterious man at the beginning could have done with more of an explanation but perhaps this connects with the other games that exist in this universe. As the developer has “Crimson Mind” and “Crimson Shift” which I will play which may make me understand better the characters of this game.

In any case if you like psychological thrillers with an excellent story, give this game a go, it is great fun and draws you in from the beginning until the end.

Play it here and support the developer:

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