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A great 3-D RPG with a diverse attack range and complimentary 8-Bit score. Quadratic Attack 3-D is the tale of a quadratics who were created by humans, who eventually rebelled under the guise of the evil Dr. Blockey and it is up to you, a new Quadratic with a mimic gun to defeat them.

The game sets you up with a nice intro with a good story arch. The controls are very simple and easy to get use to and if the story doesn’t compel you then the music will certainly keep you playing. With each new level, the music appropriately changes whilst still giving you urgency to move forward, generally with an up tempo beat. The 8 bit soundtrack goes extremely well with the retro style graphics. However what surprised me more than anything throughout the game (aside from Snowmen with ties) was the minigame, I guess you could call it. Moving in a 360 tunnel which gave me vague recollections of Sonic 2 Chaos emerald levels. I thought that was an excellent additional part of the game which was a lot of fun.

The puzzles get significantly tougher as you progress which was appropriate for the game and they were definitely a challenge towards the end. With each completed level you get the next weapon from the beaten Quadratic which mixes the gameplay up to great effect. The game was great fun and I think my favourite of HappyFrogGames (of the 3 I have played) and would encourage everyone to go check it out over on Gamejolt and see what you think.

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