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The most simplest of platformers but one that holds a strong message about being a good person. This game is the story of a little orange block named Mike who has no friends and is picked on for being different. I don’t think its wrong to assume many of us have felt like Mike once in our lives, I know I have and that’s why this is such a lovely game. You relate to Mike in a great way, he is an orange block, not human but that doesn’t matter. Throughout the platforming levels you learn more and more about who Mike is and the big red and blue blocks that pick on him. And whether in school or in your adult life you may have encountered a similar feelings to that of Mike.

The gameplay itself is the most simplistic platforming you will play but that’s kind of the point in this story driven indie game. Its not meant to be competitive or exhilarating, its meant to make you want to see if Mike has a happy ending. Albeit the game itself has a small number of levels and can be completed in around 10-15 minutes, its purity and message and the take away from the game is far more important than any of the other aspects of the game. Although it would be wrong not to mention the lovely piano playing that accompanied the simple shapely artwork which setup the game nicely.

This is Mike is a lovely game with a take away message about bullying and loneliness and I encourage everyone to spend just 5 or 10 minutes playing this and trust me you won’t regret it. There are many games out there indie or AAA that don’t evoke emotions or a strong message, anything like this does so, well done David Morris and I look forward to your future games!

Play it here and support the developer:


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