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Cute. Fun. Mysterious

What a great game to play, after more than one failed recording (all of my own fault) I almost gave up playing, but I am so glad I didn’t as this was so much fun when I really got into it. Playing as Alexis in a robot filled world you decide to go on a search for the mystical human, switching a story up from perhaps playing as a human searching for some other mythical creature.

With a mix of RPG exploration and 1 on 1 fighting the game does well to build your levels as you progress to the various locations, fighting tougher enemies the closer you get to each boss. The map size itself may be small in size but you have to tactically think about where you go, as you the more you move around the more battles you will inevitably have with other enemies. What is not cleared up is why you do battle with random other robots, I can only presume that (in similar to Pokémon) they are ‘wild’ robots and once you leave a town you are in immediate danger. But what the game does really well is the interaction you have with NPC robots and they’re more than humorous responses. Whether they are a companion joining your search party or a towns person discussing the weather they are what help to create charm in the game as you keep up your search.

One other aspect of the game I think would be good to see tweaked is the combat, as whilst I had 5 other companions by the end of the game, I only really ever used Alexis, the main character as it seemed more detrimental to the battle to switch person, especially when considering that they all have the same health. It doesn’t change per character, which in fairness makes the battles tougher, but I would’ve liked to either start a battle with a different companion or have each of them with their own health, as it would have kept me from going back to towns to regain my health.

The boss battles were just the right difficulty level as once again, they make you think about how to battle them. Also reading the ‘tips’ section at the start of the game is a very good idea as that way you learn that each attack can negate another attack, which is extremely useful when battling the bosses. This was very true in my first playthrough when I could not figure how to beat the Evil Tree and was racking my brains and fighting it as each companion to work out the best way. But as I have said in many reviews before, practise makes perfect and once you learn the moves of each boss, it is a case of negating their attacks and quickly moving on the offensive. Speaking of bosses I have to say I loved the final boss, I won’t give much away but all I can say it is that it was very well put together and if not a little bit creepy.

Overall it was an extremely enjoyable gaming with different bosses to contend with, a nice story arch to follow and a diverse range of fighting techniques and characters to make you laugh. I would say to anyone who likes indie RPG games to give this a go as you won’t regret it, you may even find the mythical human…

Play it here:

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