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A game with a rich history and a strong narrative, gets you lost in the Lantern of Worlds. A turn-based RPG game with some fantastic art work and a great soundtrack to go with it, you are to compete in a fighting tournament to become the Royal Adventurer of Idunia.

The game is great at setting the scene for you with the narrator giving you an extensive overview of the world and who you are and what your objective is. Certainly you will not be confused by this game as you begin playing, as so much is covered in the narration throughout. At times it feels a bit too much talking (though it is the demo!) as whilst it is useful and interesting information to get you immersed in the world, at a point, you want to get into playing the game. Because once you do, you will then speak to other characters, which is narratively descriptive and slows the game down a bit. The other issue I found with the narrative was that the same voice actor narrates each character, which is perfectly fine except there was no change in tone or character of the voice when a new person spoke. So all the characters sounded similar and I didn’t feel a connection with them.

The fighting on the other hand I really enjoyed, I felt the turn-based action flowed well, the difficulty felt tough, but not tough enough that you would die constantly and give up. I died once but learnt how to use my special attacks in the right way to beat the opponent, which is great because it makes you think tactically and was generally a lot of fun.

I am very much looking forward to playing the full game and explore more of the realm of Idunia. I am an avid fan of games with a great story and this truly feels like it will immerse you in that world. So if you like a good narrative and a great turn based RPG, give this game a go, it’s great fun!

Check it out and support the developer:



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