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More clever game mechanics put you to the test in this indie retro style shooter. Play as one of two alien races each with different gameplay features.

First off I got into the Kirby like shoes of the Brue and its puffy protagonist. Fighting your way through the opposite alien race of the Rode, there are a number of different types of enemies to get through. A cute colourful platformer with a bit of a story early on, which was nice to see as it always give me more purpose when I play a character in a game.

Thank god you get 10 lives to try and get through the game though, as you are not the most mobile of characters when playing as the Brue. Whilst you can reflect attacks back at the enemy which is a massive bonus playing as this character, I felt that it would have been nice if there were some more power ups or upgrades on my shooting attacks. As over time it got rather repetitive, not with the enemies faced but with how you deal with them, so a more diverse range of attacks would be good. This applies even more so when you play as the Rode, you have more mobility which diversifies the gameplay between the two alien races you play as,  however you only shoot the same attack at the enemy.

What was really clever about the game mechanics in this game by developer DarkBloodbane (playing as the Rode) is that if you want to move in a certain direction you then can only shoot in that direction. This was most evident in the second boss battle where you were being chased and you have to move towards the boss to be able to hit it in the first place. It made for a very interesting and clever game where you (once again) had to be tactical in your decisions and it really made you think. What was a shame though was that when I respawned, I respawned directly on top of the boss and he killed me in one hit, so that may also need looking at in future updates, but really enjoyed the game nonetheless.

Once again I would recommend this indie title to anyone looking for a challenge and an hour of fun, check it out here and support the developer:


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