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Rainbow [Indie Review]

Clever. Very Clever.

This was much of my thought process throughout my play through of Rainbow. An indie retro style shooter developed by Dark Bloodbane where the rules are simple: shoot the correct colour to destroy the same coloured shape blocking your way.

It seems simple enough, but it is far from easy, certainly it is a game that requires  hours of practise to master. You will find yourself frustrated (mostly with yourself) after the initial start which eases you in nicely to the game, then as you are introduced to changing colour bosses and moving hexagons, every shot will count.

Where I got the most frustrated was the second boss who dropped blocks for you to shoot through, once you do that though you have possibly half a second to damage the boss before they drop more shapes, upon which you will likely shoot the wrong colour at the block, blocking your path and losing a life. Meaning I had to phase through blocks with the few seconds of grace you get when you respawn. That is one aspect I would look at, (give us a bit longer to hit the boss please!) or maybe it is just a patience game and I needed further practise.

In any case, it is a frustratingly fun game that you could spend hours on, to get past the bosses and would recommend anyone to try it out if they like a challenge. Check it out and more of his games on Gamejolt:


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