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Simple. Upbeat. Challenging.

These are how I would describe the above game, designed and created by indie developer DarkBloodbane, L.I.F.T is a retro style shooter where you must take out the evil robot group (Falcor) protecting skyscrapers as you ascend in the elevator.

Continuously rising in the skyscraper you immediately get the sense that you are surrounded. With only a few limited actions at your disposal the game makes you think quick about how to act in relation to how the enemies attack you. Some attack from above and below firing rainbow coloured bullets whilst others charge at you (and sometimes both at the same time) and what decision you make on whether to jump or shoot really does make a difference in the long run. Countless times I died or wasted the majority of my health on either jumping when I should have shot or vice versa.

Visually it takes you back to old school shooters of the 80’s and 90’s and this suits the game and its simplicity, the buildings themselves are a rather drap pallet of colours but that allows you to focus on your enemies and the different colours they are, which represent a different strength level. The soundtrack is perfect for this shooter and builds up at the right times.

Now as a gamer I always like to see some story arch in a game and this game does not really have it, but its not the type of game that warrants a story and that’s just my personal preference. What this game does best is challenge you and like most games the most challenging aspect is the boss battles. After the first boss which I dispatched easily enough, it then it got tough. Numerous replays later and I got through it, however its not as if it was learning the moves of the boss or learning from practise, it was pure trial and error. Shots are different each time and with a multitude of other enemies around as well, it creates confusion and that it a key reason why this game was so much fun, it challenged me to get past the bosses and was annoyingly addictive.

One improvement I would suggest would be to do with the shooting controls, as I found it quite difficult myself to shoot diagonally (downwards) and so when opportunities to shoot in those directions occurred I would end up either jumping to avoid incoming enemies or resign to getting hit. That was one aspect I found quite difficult to get to grips with.

Overall though it was a lot of fun with great audio and a simplistic retro style, you could spend a lot of time getting to the top of the leader boards on this one. I recommend anyone who likes retro shooters to give it a go, its a lot of fun:

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