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2 weeks in and already this craze has consumed my life. When I first heard about Pokemon Go, I was a bit reserved and unsure what to expect from it. I was always going to download it to see what they hype was about and I am so glad I did. This is incredible, there aren’t many games that have you constantly looking at your phone (at least in my case anyways), but this does. I was a massive fan of the old series and I still have Pokemon Red and Yellow with my old GameBoy Colour, but Pokemon Go certainly goes a step further in terms of putting you in the feet of a Pokemon trainer. You ARE a Pokemon Trainer, you are walking around in your everyday life as you always would, only now with Pokemon Go’s augmented reality, there ARE Pokemon there too! Your phone is now your Pokedex, it is a masterstroke by the app makers, working with Google and GPS to show you where the next PokeStop is. OH and GYMS, Pokemon Gym’s are dotted all around towns and cities, and we can battle each other and defend them with the Pokemon we capture and train. Which is so awesome!!! I always keep trying to get a shopping centre and get my Team #TeamMystic to own it.

I am already at level 17, and have caught around 50 different Pokemon and I just can’t stop going outside for walks, hoping I may catch something new. I’m planning on a trip into London to see what I can get from there, which for me feels like I am to quote the Pokemon theme song ‘Searching Far and Wide‘. I hope that I don’t fall out of focus with this game, I am spending most of my time during the day looking for Pokemon which is killing my phone battery (the only downside to this game).

My brother however was quick to point out that it can never replace the old Gameboy games and that he won’t play Pokemon Go, which is fine but like I said to him, its not trying to. Pokemon Go is doing something far better, its putting Pokemon in the real world, rather than the other way around. At the moment if I had to choose between augmented reality Pokemon World and virtual reality Pokemon World I would definitely go augmented, if not only for jokes of finding Pokemon on the toilet.

The other reason i love this game is the sense of community and how its bringing people together and taking them out of their houses…like me! Choosing a team/colour also creates the competition in the game, I had Pokemon Blue back in the day, I’m a Chelsea fan, I have blue blood, Articuno was always my favourite mystical bird, naturally I always going to choose Team Mystic. Valour and Instinct are just not the ones, so if you haven’t picked your team yet and your getting to level 5, pick the right team, pick #Mystic.

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