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I recently purchased the Resident Evil origins collection for PS4, which includes Resident Evil Zero and the Resident Evil 1 remake on Gamecube, both remastered and with some additional outfits to mix up the gameplay. Now I already own both of these games on the Gamecube (along with the rest of the Resident Evil games in that generation), so why buy it again you may ask? Well one of the reasons is that because its on PS4, it makes recording the recording far easier, rather than hooking up my Wii to an Elgato and all that, I can just record direct and upload after a bit of video editing. In any case, I also purchased this as serious preparation for the release of the Resident Evil 2 remake.

As many of you (I hope) know Resident Evil 2 is getting an official remaster. Like many others I agree that that RE game was the best of the lot, with brilliant scenes and gameplay, with a ridiculous amount of replay value (even if you can complete it in 4 hours, which I did :). Now as some of you may have already alluded into in previous posts I have wrote, my gaming pattern has changed over the years (as has everyones) with the shift in gaming from, completing multiples games in a year to play one that never ends, in my case Fallout 4. Whilst I love it (as you may be able to see) I yearn to go through a game in a couple of days and review it, moreover with Resident Evil I get to relive an amazing gaming series (up until but not including Resident 4) with better graphics without them changing the gameplay. This decision was strengthened with my choice to opt to play with the original controls and not the newer, more modern controls which people on next-gen consoles are accustomed to.

Admittedly they were seriously confusing but brought back brilliant memories of slowly running away from dogs, or Nemesis or worse! But that is part of the charm, barely surviving with no ammo, and finding wierd contraptions to get to the next area which made absolutely no sense was hilarious and seriously thought-provoking. Not many games ever made me think as much as Resident Evil, which is also why I was so encouraged by the Resident Evil 7 demo. It gave me scares for one thing, which no RE game has done since RE4 regenerators (but they weren’t even that bad), however more importantly the short teaser made me think and after seeing there were multiple endings, impressed me even more!

Anyway I digress, Resident Evil 0 and 1 are great classic survival horror games which allow serious nostalgia gameplay and I’ll amke sure to record my whole play through of both in the lead up to Resident Evil 2’s release.

The doors to safety are shut, there’s no going back….




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