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It has been a good few years since I have played a Legend of Zelda game (terrible I know) since I bought and played Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask on my Wii. I could replay both of those games over and over, but I haven’t touched them in about 2 years! I had never bought or played Twilight Princess or SkyWard Sword and only recently had I purchased Twilight Princess, but I haven’t played it. I don’t really have a motivation to play it…is that bad, probably, because of how well received it was. If I ever get off Fallout and get my Wii out, then I will play Twilight Princess but even though I bought I don’t feel that it has grabbed with the same lure as the older N64 LoZ titles.

Now when Nintendo announced Breath of the Wild, I was at first a bit skeptical and worried as it looks like an open world Zelda game, which sounds awesome at first. But when I thought more I didn’t want them to move too far away from the generic setup that previous games had. Wind Waker was a big open sea, but not too big so as to get lost in hours and hours of exploring, which it what I don’t want for Breath of the Wild. But having watched the trailer and screenshots, it does look really really cool and thank god I bought my fiancee a Wii U so that I am able to play it. I think it may be my  game for 2017, I need to move away from Fallout 4 next year and this looks beautiful. I just hope that I can keep up if there are references to Zelda titles I haven’t played. That’s one thing that I cannot stand, its like someone telling a joke and you don’t get the punchline (its horrible).

I hope it isn’t too big a world to explore and there is still direct storyline which takes you to all these different seasonal locations in the game. Everyone knows Ocarina of Time was the best game ever made, the story was half the reason why. Even if it just to save the princess from the bad guy, don’t lose the premise, its gold!

If you havn’t seen the trailer, check it out:

Thank you Nintendo for re-igniting my interst and love for an amazing series, I will now go back and play Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and if I love that, then maybe Skyward Sword, in anticipation for the release of Breath of the Wild.

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