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Warcraft 3

It’s not often that I will go and buy an old game that I use to own…tell a lie, I actually do that quite a lot, especially with HD remasters, but in any case this was different. I recently bought a World of Warcraft book: Arthas, Rise of the Lich King and that has really triggered a nostalgic response to play the game again. When my brother first got Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos, I soon fell in love with it, at that time I was more of a PC player and enjoyed RTS games a lot.

Having previously played games like Command and Conquer Red Alert, Tiberiun Sun and Age of empires I was surprised how different this was. More importantly it was the campaign that I played over and over and not a skirmish or online battles. It takes you through numerous different missions and tactics, as well as different races, learning the best and worst of each. But what I think I loved most about this game was the part when I wasn’t actually playing, it was the cinematics. For me it may have been the first time I thought about graphics and how cool they looked, the moment when Grom Hellscream cut apart Mammoroth or when Arthas sealed his fate and killed his own father with the evil blade Frostmourne…it was beautiful, albeit brutal.

Another aspect that captured my heart more than most was the fact that you play as heroes as well as having numerous different fighters, mages, flying beasts upon building your base. It allowed you to go head first into battle with a leader and not just have a group of random fighters. Each with their own special attacks which added a newer dimension to RTS gameplay that I had never previously experienced before.

So I ordered both Warcraft 3 and the expansion set: Frozen Throne because it was such an interesting story, remiscient of Anakin Skywalker’s decent to the dark side in Star Wars. Arthas of the human race was turned to the Undead through vengeance of his people, (sorry for anyone who hadn’t played it yet) and playing through that transformation was awesome.

I really wanted to battle Arthas in World of Warcraft as he became the Lich King, but I am not the biggest MMORPG fan and couldn’t spend the time trying to reach him in battle, which annoyed me greatly. I caught up with the story though YouTube videos but its just not the same, I do wish they could have continued with RTS Warcraft games as they were so good. But that’s the way games are going, they’re longer and take more time and sometimes the stories in those bigger games takes a back seat to things like side quests and that’s true about a lot of games now (MGS5 as an example).

E3 has just showcased some amazing new games and content and I will undoubtedly play some of it, but (this may be nostalgia talking) I would quite like a game to come out and maybe not take years to complete. Is it so bad to want to complete a game (fully) in 6 hours and then reflect on it, rather than continuous game play through which your time is spent on one game and not many. Maybe this is due to me growing up and actually having less time, but I would kill for an Ocarina of Time or a Warcraft 3 or a Resident Evil 2 as it would mean I could try and run through it in about 4-6 hours. Anyway I digress, I’m so excited to get my Warcraft 3 game in the post and start the campaign over and watch Arthas’ demise to the Scourge and Thrall’s rallying cry of the Orcs, it should be fun!



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