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I was a tad sceptical when my brother told me how good Fallout 4 is. He’d played the games before it and knew the lore and story of Fallout 3 and New Vegas and I hadn’t, so when I bought it I did have my reservations. After the story hit my emotions, it was the settlement building that completely overtook me…and all the free time I had. The simple system that enabled players to create their own settlements in the visions they want is amazing, and the ideas are endless.

I11701106_10153566997468517_5370131320997937308_n like to think of myself as an immersive player and I like to play games as how I think they would actually happen (except for fast travelling 🙂 and my settlements do reflect that. I will spend at least 20 to 30 hours making (what I call) a complete settlement, which includes using rug glitches to make the fences go together better, dressing up the settlers in outfits that reflect their assigned job role and junk everywhere…just everywhere to make things looked lived in. THAT TAKES FUCKING AGES!

But when the finished article is complete there is that great sense of satisfaction, that the lone wanderer can sit down in his refurbished room and relax with his crew. I cannot wait for mods to come to PS4 so there can be item expansions for settlement building, as the last one I made (in Far Harbour) was pretty poor in comparison to my Sanctuary.

You could spend all your time on Fallout settlement building and still never finish the campaign as you can do so much just in one settlement. If your not a settlement builder type player, please give it a go for a few hours, you may just fall in love with it, as I and so many other Fallout 4 players have.

Comments on: "Fallout 4 – Settlement Building" (2)

  1. Oh man, you’re on-point. Once I got into it settlement building/networking became my #1 time sink. If I have to change a lightbulb in my house I might get around to it sometime this month. Whereas every settlement in this meaningless game Must. Be. Perfect.


    • Exactly, now the Contraptions DLC has just come out and I’ve started a new game ready for Mods for Ps4 to come out, I’m spending all my time glitching to get more materials for building stuff. With Contraptions though its easier to add junk to settlements as you make any junk you want rather than go out and find it. Still mods will just make that whole process easier, when it finally arrives for PS4 players.


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