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From growing up with games like Metal Gear Solid, The Legend of Zelda to more recent titles such as The Last of Us and Assassins Creed, I have experienced some of the most insightful and complex storylines ever thought up. From convoluted editing of real history to off the wall fantasy worlds, I have on more than one occasion been lost in games and locations like Hyrule and post apocalyptic America. So it saddens me to say that the more and more new games that come out, seem to have lost a serious focus on the story line of a game. For me its the whole reason you play a game (or at least an RPG), to step into the shoes of a hero and have that one main mission to complete. With the introduction of so many open world games, this has also hindered the focus on storylines, with the attention shifting to shoving as many side quests into a game as possible, much to most OCD players annoyance (such as myself).



However I am happy to say that Bethesda did not drop the storyline ball with Fallout 4, as I once again got lost in my characters emotions and could not wait for the moment I found my son again…

I’ve never played any previous Fallout games so i was going into this world with little to no idea of how what to expect. But it was the story that hooked me in, not the graphics, (the least important part of any game by the way!) not the awesome settlement building, not the guns, none of that. It was how you had to explore this unknown world, with only little clues to various locations like Diamond City, with the hope that you might find your son’s kidnappers and make them pay. When I got one on one with Kellog, the amount of maxresdefaultconcentration on making sure he was dead, was like nothing I had ever emotionally experienced in a game, except maybe the ending to The Last of Us :’).

In terms of longevity the story was long enough so that you couldn’t knock it out in one day as you do have to build up your levels for each quest. It takes you across a lot of The Commonwealth and you come up against some tough enemies in the process . But what is probably the best part of the story is the ending, or rather the endings! To be able to choose which faction to support based on the type of person you are, who you like and who you don’t like is quite a niche thing, for me at least. I haven’t played many games that have allowed that level of choice before so it was a new experience for me and allowing you to dictate how other companions saw me as a person. It really engrosses you and makes you think about your choices as not only a character but a person yourself, this also leads to numerous replayability as if you do another play through you will get a different experience by making different choices and siding with a different faction which is what keeps me playing.

I won’t talk about every single quest on the main campaign but that first moment you enter the glowing sea to meet with a mysterious scientist is truly an exciting prospect, so if you have yet to play the main story because you love settlement building then I do implore you to go through it, and get lost in the emotion of finding your wife’s killer and locating your son, it will choke you up. From what I am seeing from new games in recent years, the storylines have got worse, so don’t bypass this great one!!



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