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Hello again! As you may or may not have noticed I haven’t reviewed or blogged in awhile, however this has been mostly due to the fact that I have been tied up playing a game (the irony I know) that is so addictive, never ending, fantastic and potentially relationship ending. Of course I am talking about Fallout 4.

Not only did it receive the Best Game award (rightly so!) at the Game Bafta’s but Bethesda continue to add more and more content to the original game, with the release of the latest DLC’s; Automatron, Wasteland Workshop and Far Harbor later this month. Add onto that the Creation Kit’s for everyone under the sun to create their own Mod’s (modifications) and add unique aspects to the original game and share them with others, all for nothing! Now I don’t know too much about Mods aside from what I watch on Youtube (MxR Mods Weekly, definitely worth a watch to see some good ones) but this seems extremely generous on the side of Bethesda to allow the players to almost do what they want to make the game how they want it. I am aware that PC players already had this option however to give console players the option for Mod’s is something very special, for me at least. It shows that they accept that improvements to the game can be made and that they can let the gaming community do that on their behalf but also creates an almost limitless source of new content which they only have to vet, then its downloadable. I can’t wait to start downloading Mod’s, with little things like more radio stations, quest fixes, new items, armour and so much more that make the game that little bit more immersive.

Anyway I digress, I plan on reviewing a number of different aspects of Fallout 4 on my blog, including but not limited to:

Main campaign
Side Quests
Settlement Building
Automatron (DLC)
Wasteland Workshop (DLC)
Far Harbor (DLC)
Contraptions (DLC)
Vault Tec Vaults (DLC)
Nuke-World (DLC)

This post was mainly to say hello and get my fingers on a keyboard again and off my PS4 controller (for 1 hour at least). Don’t forget to have a look at some of my settlement tours and other videos on my Youtube channel, which is also Fallout 4 heavy…as in there’s no others videos uploaded aside from Fallout.



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