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Not too long ago I got a hold of my old Pokemon gameboy from my brother, which brought back some great memories. Hours and hours I spent on my little Game Boy original, pocket and colour, battling pokemon and surfing on a Rhydon. But i remembered something startling…I NEVER CAUGHT THEM ALL 😦

I always did very well, catching as many as possible on the game and trading some with my brother (we had blue, red and yellow so it wasn’t an issue). However I thought this is something that I cannot go through my life without completing (using Missingno or not) and so I have begun my quest to get all 151. Thats right I have already caught Mew, which is the first time I have done that too, so I;m already buzzing off that!

Pokemon_trainer_red_sprite_by_jamesrayle-d49b1kmJust like when I was young I am finding I am spending way too much time on my Gameboy (much to my girlfriend’s dismay). I was hoping to stream all of this through Pokemon Stadium, however I am having technical issues with the transfer Pack (I’ve got two and neither are working AHHHHH) which has saddened me. Nevertheless I will carry on until I have caught them all and picture the moment when that final Pokemon is in my grasp.

I will be a Pokemon Master…

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