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Another season gone and another good campaign. My focus (if you ready my previous post) was after my heavy defeat to Bayern Munich, was the Champions League and once again reaching to final, to win it this time round.

Well, its not just real football that throws some swings and roundabouts the way of the antagonist as I did reach the CL final again, only to be paired with Bayern Munich – A CHANCE FOR REVENGE!!!!

With revenge of the 7-1 defeat fresh in mind (shows how quickly I go through seasons) I set up the team to be a tad more defensive than last time. Who knew it would pay off as much as I thought, by half time it 0-0 and there had been chances at both ends but it was even. The second half was a similar situation, with Bayern putting on a lot of pressure but not creating anything clear cut and me finding it too difficult to break them down (not to mention Neuer is impossible to beat from long range).

But then, with 6 minutes left to play, Costa gets put through and he holds off Benatia to flick the ball past Neuer to grab the winner!!!!!

Diego Costa who was player of the year with 40 goals and 16 assists in the Premier League had won it and we held to clinch the trophy. Firstly, I was buzzin on the revenge high from beating Bayern, secondly I KEPT A CLEAN SHEET AGAINST BAYERN MUNICH >> Only Chelsea could do that!

Keep reading as I begin the new season, with signings already on the way on free transfers, the likes of Danny Welbeck and Xhedren Shaqiri joining the team and the return of good British youngsters to make an impact on the first team, it looks set up to be another fun year.

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