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Having enjoyed my run of Resident Evil 4, even though I only made it to the Island, I made the decision to go back to The Last of Us and finish off the game I never saw the end of. Currently into Winter, the game takes you on an incredible journey and very few games gather emotions the way The Last of Us does. With its incredible script and awesome graphics and scenery, it transcends any games that are remotely similar to it and provides an experience where you have to keep playing because you want to see what happens to Joel and Ellie.

It’s an incredible game and with the news that it will become a 2 hour feature film, has me elated and will be something I make sure I book my tickets for. The chance to see the script brought to life will make for amazing cinema viewing, although the story will have to be condensed, I hope the actors chosen to play the main characters are up to the standard of the voice actors.

In terms of the gameplay, it is, in one word…SIMPLE. From the same makers as the great Uncharted series, it is a simple case of one button for close combat, easy gun control and shooting and realistic customization of weaponry. From it’s seamless scavenging of tools and bricks to the weapons that could be realistically found in these locations.

I think that is one thing, personally, I love about this game, is its sense of realism. To anyone reading this who may know of my love of Resident Evil, whilst I enjoy the series so much, I do see things in The Last of Us that Resident Evil could add to make give a bit more of a realistic feel.

I cannot wait to play it later tonight, even just now seeing the advert for ‘The Last of Us Remastered’ giving me goosebumps.




It really is the game of a generation.

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