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Never get tired of playing RE4, just started another round, trying to power up the Handcannon and save up for the Chicago Typewriter (which i originally thought was a different type of typewriter). Just got through ‘The Big Cheese’, a good boss with a bit of a difference, im just surprised he doesn’t choke Leon to death earlier in the game haha. Oh well…HIS LOSS!

Bloody Ashley becomes a pain in the arse even if the guys at Capcom have made her easy on the eyes (especially with the alternate ‘Pop’ outfit. A little bit of my incendiary grenade hit her whilst entering the main room of the castle and all of sudden, death…
What the hell!? Put it under the tap and get on with it woman, make Leon’s life easier.

Another thing I noticed was the amount of Handcannon ammo I get over other ammo, is making me wanna waste its ammo on purpose…sometimes on Ashley and a lot of the time on the Shopkeeper. Don’t say you guys haven’t done it before!


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